On silencer

My heart using a silencer
Beats muffled so I can’t scream
I shoot myself
Clean death
That’s it
There was a time when he would kill me
With the face buried in the pillow


On glasses

With the naked eye I don’t see
because my eyes are too shy
Hidden behind glasses

— e.lis.

On places

I am lost on purpose.
That posted, without a purpose,
I deposit what I am
in a map to nowhere.


On fingers

I wore out the paint on the keyboard
until my fingers were the only guide.
I wore out the tip of my fingers
until my identity became what I write.
I kept writing
and now I can truly wear my soul.


On cliffs

Life sometimes is a torturing unpredicted cliffhanger
I finally let go
And finally I flew


On water

I put myself on fire so I don’t freeze.
You came
tempered water.

On the rain

I feel like I’m trying in vain
It’s like being out in a rain,
but failing to catch any drop.

On monoliths

I’d been here like a rock

The wind from the north

Nights of winter - and the days of summer

I’d been here for ages

For entire lives

Thousands of autumns - and every season between

I’d been here since the beginning

And noted changes

In the thirst for blood - and the taste of honey

I’d been here, I had


You asked me to wait - and wait I did.


On theaters

While her current personality was spinning on the stage, the other ones were the crowd. Some personalities were envy, some had stage fright; most of them were just waiting for their turn; the first in line had cold sweating hands.
Whatever the outcome, she would do anything to never leave the stage empty.


On Big Bangs

The Big Bang happened when we met, and all that is left is dust orbiting the memories I have of you.

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