On tetris

"You talk too much."
"Yeah, to fill the empty space she left behind."


On photos

They both were lying on the grass, and he was looking at a picture he had just shot.
"I’d like to stop time right now."
"But you just did that in this photo."
He analyzed it better.
"No, but not this way. It’s sad, we frozen, kind of melancholic."
"But it would be like that in any way, life is fun exactly because it doesn’t stop."
He put the phone in his pocket and offered his arm as a pillow. With a good look they both could notice the almost imperceptible movement of the clouds up there.

— e.lisitsa

On beak and feather

"Dad, why can’t we fly?"
"What do you think?"
She thought for a while.
"Because we don’t have beak and feathers!"
"That’s it, you’re spot on," he smiled.
The girl, satisfied, ran again to the park. A woman sitting next to the father could not (didn’t want to, actually) avoid hearing the conversation.
"Son, I’m sorry but you should teach her the truth, poor girl."
"Teach? She already knows everything! We adults, we unlearn most of things along the way."

— e.lisitsa

On silencer

My heart using a silencer
Beats muffled so I can’t scream
I shoot myself
Clean death
That’s it
There was a time when he would kill me
With the face buried in the pillow


On dust

This story begins when the kid learns how to fly. He opens an eye and keep the other closed to the dust that passes by along with the wind. The world is below. He cannot believe, of course, and the only thing to do is to question his dad.

"Is this bad, dad?"

"Bad? It can kill you! And no son of mine can be dead without my permission."

"But why, how, when?"

"There is no choice, then", and the dad pulls a belt sibilant as a chain.

The boy flies away, and decides to find answers for himself. 

On the time

And if everyone wants to be special and successful, I just want to be the best person possible with this blink of time I have left.

— e.lisitsa

On glasses

With the naked eye I don’t see
because my eyes are too shy
Hidden behind glasses

— e.lis.

On places

I am lost on purpose.
That posted, without a purpose,
I deposit what I am
in a map to nowhere.


On hide and seek

And it is unfair because, after counting to a hundred, I turn around and nobody even tried to hide; I find that the invisible one is me.

— e.lis.

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