On voices

"I will be the voice of my generation."
"Well, I just wanted to be at least part of the choir."

— e.lisitsa

On the sky

I got lost in the cloudless sky,
in the delicate lines of a winter afternoon.
The night comes soon
and I look at the stars,
my guide,
willing to be lost forever.

— e.lisitsa

And when they try to diminish you, think about it: those people aren’t feeling bigger than you, they’re just desperately trying to pull everything in the world to the minuscule size of themselves.

On sizes

— e.lisitsa

While she was straightening up on the couch with no filling, with a wrong curve in its back, a lump underneath making her hips bend to the left, the ribs on that side pressing what she thought to be her liver, while the foot was kind of numb because she couldn’t firm it on the floor, sunk on the couch as she was, she was staring at the ceiling and asking herself why she always seeks comfort in the most uncomfortable hearts.

Unfinished lives #17

— e.lisitsa

On life (again)

Between a cry for attention and a smile for a like.

You know, the perfect life.

On light and darkness

"Ouch! Don’t scare me like that!"
"Sorry, I just went to get some water."
"But why didn’t you turn on the light? This darkness is only good to attract the dead."
"And the light is only good to attract the living. It has been lately a much worse choice."

— e.lisitsa

Studies confirm: vices of language are the number one cause of death among writers.

On shadows and wise men

A shadow appeared on a large clearing in the city. It would be just another one, except nothing was creating it.
There was no tree, light pole or building within a mile radius.
The phenomenon became famous and attracted a lot of people.
Tired of all the buzz, the mayor invited a famous wise man, since scientists did not solved the mistery.

"It is really hot!" said the elder after walking a mile on the Sun. "I am glad there is a shadow here. So, what’s the issue again?"

On life

I keep trying to solve the variables, but not even the constants decide what they want.

— e.lisitsa

I realized I am water under the bridge
while swimming upstream.

On water

— e.lisitsa

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